Sunday, October 26, 2014

November: 30 Day Music MANIA!

So! Today I decided that in November I will create one song/theme for each day of the month.

I really enjoy music making, but I find myself worrying about how to make the right music more than actually making it (lol). I've made a fair amount of personal and business tracks this year, but some of them were started in a kind of...panic? Like I would start all freaked out and calm down as I kept making it. I think that initial panic has kept me from allowing myself to relax a bit.

With this challenge I hope to convince myself through action, not theories, that music isn't such a daunting task to create. I want my music to be feel free, loose, a bit unpredictable. Thus, I also want to leave behind the fear and self-doubt that can sometimes arise.

I'll be posting each track on Soundcloud the day it's made. They can be of any style, instrumentation, ect, as long as I made it that day (I may compose a few tracks in advance in case of Thanksgiving though). Wish me luck! ;)

In other words I've been listening to fripSide's earlier stuff. It's kinda corny in an early 2000's synth way, but I'm liking it a lot.

See you next time!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Welcome to the official blog of the composer Shoko (that's me)!

I made this site a while ago, but I decided to start writing more regular blog posts to record my growth as a composer. I've made a lot of songs this year, but I want to make lots more! And what better place to organize all the complicated thoughts that go into each one than through here? Probably music school.

So, I've noticed this year I'm really appreciating other artists' work more than ever. I've always had music that I loved to death, but it was difficult to pinpoint why I liked certain songs, or who made them, or even what genre they were in.

For example, Hiroyuki Sawano is somebody I've been listening to lately. His soundtracks are gorgeous but also really cool. His Gundam Unicorn theme is AWESOME. It's so memorable it hurts. It physically hurts me (in a wonderful way).

He's composed for Gundam Unicorn, Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, lots of live action dramas and even some movies. He's great! I especially like the interesting percussion he uses in a lot of his tracks. 

I've got a new project coming up that I'd like to exude a more professional and varied soundscape than my usual 'slow ballad' safe zone I'm accustomed to, so I'm going to take inspiration from amazing composers like Hiroyuki and hopefully make better songs as a result. I'll post here again when I'm ready to reveal some music from it. ;) 

See you next time!